Nebraska foundation...

The Pi Kappa Alpha - Delta Chi Nebraska Foundation is set up to help support educational conferences and house improvements through scholarships that are organized through the University of Nebraska - Omaha.

Contact Information: Michael Crabb

Phone Number: (402) 850-9146



chapter operations...

The Pi Kappa Alpha - Delta Chi chapter maintains an operating budget every semester in order to host events, whether it's philanthropic, social, athletic, etc. In order for us to grow, we as a chapter are always accepting donations for future events as an avenue for success at UNO's campus.

Contact Information: Brad Stuthman

Phone Number: (402) 889-3000


Contact Information

Founding: February 23rd, 1952 by Pi Kappa Alpha - Delta Chi

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104 S. 39th Street

Omaha, NE 68131

Secretary's Phone #: (402) 651-3139