Founded February 23rd, 1952...

Established on Feburary 23rd, 1952, the Delta Chi Chapter has grown into a role of dominance at the University of Nebraska-Omaha’s Greek System. The Delta Chi chapter is committed to forming a lasting brotherhood that will achieve professional, academic, and social success.

This chapter has consistently shown its merit by winning a total of 10 International Robert Adger Smythe Awards, which is the highest honor any chapter in the Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity can receive. The Delta Chi Chapter currently has won seven Smythe awards in a row, making our chapter a Dynasty level chapter and is working for its 8th in a row. The Delta Chi Chapter also won the 2018-19 Orians Excellence Chapter Award, 2018-19 Scholarship Plate, and 5 other internationally recognized awards for the 2019 year. Other awards include numerous Sports Cups, Grades Cups, and Greek Week and Homecoming Spirit Cups.

The men of the Delta Chi chapter consistently form a strong presence on campus as well. With active members holding numerous student government positions, and a long history of student body presidents, the men of the Pi Kappa Alpha Delta Chi Chapter are helping shape the University of Nebraska-Omaha.

  • President - Vice President of Finance - Vice President of Operations - Vice President of Programming

  • Director of External Relations, Director of Volunteers, 2 Director of Sponsorships, Director of External Fundraising, and Dance Marathon Initiative Program

  • Since 2016, Pike has raised over $40,000 for Dance Marathon.

  • 2018/19 President - Vice President of Finance

  • 7 out of 25 members are also Pikes.​

  • Helping plan student body events, as well as, volunteer to run events all over campus.

  • President - Vice President of Recruitment

  • Last 9 out of 10 IFC Presidents.

  • Last 5 IFC Sports Cups and last 6 IFC Grades Cup that are awarded every spring semester.

  • 2018/19 Vice President - Executive Treasurer

  • Senators from the Business school and Graduate school.

  • Pike has had 21 out of 68 Student Body Presidents for the University of Nebraska - Omaha.


In the late Spring of 2017, the men of the Delta Chi chapter had the honor of special initiating Derrin Hansen, current head basketball coach for UNO. We hope to further our chapter by continuing to special initiate other administration and coaches that represent what a Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity man should be.

The Pi Kappa Alpha "Oak" was written by Dr. Jerome V. Reel Jr. in 1986. "The Oak" holds the history and values of the fraternity that made the foundation of what Pi Kappa Alpha is today.

An interesting fact about "The Oak" was that it was dedicated towards one of our past members and brothers, Pat Halloran. He was an excellent example of what a Pike should be with the success that has followed him.


Without "The Oak", our brothers would lose sight of the mission and vision of the Pi Kappa Alpha founders that created this fraternity on Sunday evening, March 1st, 1868 at the University of Virginia in 47 West Range.

The Pi Kappa Alpha - Delta Chi chapter has had a lot of participation in the International Fraternity with having International Presidents, Executive Directors, Directors, and a multitude of National Consultants. We work to develop our members beyond school and this is one of those ways.


  • International President​

    • ​​​​​​​​Gary Sallquist: 1970-72

  • Executive Director

    • Pat Halloran​​: 1969-80

  • Regional Presidents

    •  ​Bill Harrahill: 2002-07, 2012-14

  • Directors​

    • Pat Halloran: 1968-69

    • Gary Sallquist: 1969-70

    • Robert Dean: 1970-72

    • Kyle Pane​​: 2019-Present

  • Undergraduate International VP

    • Bill Harrahill: 1995-96

    • Trevor Clark: 2002-03

    • Justin Ptacnik: 2006-07​

  • National Consultants

    • Clinton Bellows: 1976-77

    • Steve Sladek: 2003-04

    • Vincent Drieling: 2006-07

    • James Card: 2007-08

    • Tyler Anderson: 2015-16

    • Kyle Pane​​: 2018-19

In the late Fall of 2019, the men of the Delta Chi chapter had the honor of special initiating Bill Pickett, current head basketball coach for UNO. Bill is a great supporter of our fraternity and holds our values to the highest standard. We have appreciated everything that Bill has done which is the main reason for his initiation into our brotherhood. We hope to continue to special initiate other members in the UNO and Omaha community!

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Founding: February 23rd, 1952 by Pi Kappa Alpha - Delta Chi

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